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Growing up in Hawaii, it seemed only natural that Lelani would fuse her island-life background with hot, modern love stories!

Passionately married to her dream man, Lelani and her software-developer husband, Pete, have four children (five if you count the little girl dog) and consider their backyard in the Colorado Rockies paradise with its unruly grapevines, a flock of cute chickens, fruit trees, koi fish and an organic garden. In the spring months, Lelani's lilacs billow with fragrance and color.

Lelani has worked as a janitor, shopgirl at a clothing boutique in downtown Honolulu, secretary, business office manager... among other positions that keep her mind chock full of naughty ideas for stories. Writing is her favorite, most wonderful, most aggravating profession by far, and she finds a fountain of inspiration for her heroes in her husband's outrageous wit and passion for adventure. Some of the most tender or laugh out loud moments in her stories? His fault.

When not in front of her computer writing into the midnight hour (and beyond) Lelani loves to garden. Cooking luscious meals for friends and family in her small, gourmet style kitchen is one of life's greatest joys for her. Travel? Yes, please. Music? Dancing? Check, check. Karaoke? After two alcoholic drinks, she tries to slay the competition.

While she goes home to the islands every chance she gets, a rustic acre of undeveloped property in one of the Hawaiian islands is where she and her husband eventually plan to call home.

Recent Blog Posts

Boss with Benefits

Hot Honolulu bachelor Jack Sloane has finally fallen in love. Problem is, he can't find his woman--a mysterious beauty who showed up after-hours at his Waikiki office is nowhere to be found. Worse, she doesn't seem interested in a repeat of the erotic night they spent together. The one person who can help him find his heart's desire is his frumpy secretary.

Dowdy office wallflower Keely St. John has no intention of fanning her gorgeous boss's flame. It's bad enough she's spent the last three months fantasizing about him. To make things even more complicated, her "sister" spent one lusty night with the island tycoon! When Jack finds out Keely's secret, she could lose more than just her job and a Boss With Benefits.

What happens when a frump becomes an accidental vixen?

Book Details:
Genre: Erotic Romance
Setting: Hawaii
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Bonding with the Bachelor

Greek businessman Dmitri Damianos is an expert at creating software for European companies. When it comes to his personal life, he's especially skilled at handling women. Wealthy and sought after, he makes no apologies for his lifestyle. Then he meets Marigold. Turned off on men at the moment, a no-strings affair is the last thing on her to-do list. She's nursing a broken heart, while all Dmitri craves is up-till-dawn sex with the adorable morsel of a woman whose flair for business and sassy mouth keeps his interest sizzling.He's determined to close the deal, but Marigold won't be his plaything and baits him with outrageous relationship demands that would make any sane man run the other way.

Dmitri soon realizes a woman fresh off a break-up comes with vulnerabilities he's not prepared to handle. It's all about lust. Who said anything about love? So why is he climbing her balcony at midnight to bring her flowers he's picked from his garden? He can't resist her willful ways and as their attraction deepens, he sets out to prove to her that lust can lead to love. Somehow, someway he will make this hot-blooded ginger with the smart mouth his: heart, body and soul--until her scandalous past comes calling, and what he learns forces him to decide if she really is the right woman for him.

Take a Tour of Booty to an exotic island in western Greece.

Book Details:
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Setting: Greece
Publisher: Littlemoon Press
Bargain Bride, Billionaire Groom

Their marriage of convenience just got complicated. They've fallen in love with each other!

Jiovanni Falcone--Every woman he's ever loved has let him down. Jio stands to lose again. He can't give his in-name only wife what she wants the most, and while he longs to share his bed with Golden, his heart belongs to no one.

Golden Falcone--Raising a toddler and running an organic farm hasn't been a cakewalk for the lovely Maui coffee grower. After the death of her adored fiance, Enzo, a pregnant Golden agreed to a marriage of convenience with Enzo's older brother, Jiovanni to protect her baby's inheritance from Enzo's greedy exes. Years later, she thinks about dating again. Trouble is, she's still married! But a moonlit night in Jio's arms makes her see what she's been missing. Oh my, my... One taste of his loving, and she wants more. Now she can't help falling in love with her own husband. Can she convince her billionaire husband to take a chance on his bargain bride?

Book Details:
Series: Island Moonlight Collection
Genre: Sensual Contemporary
Setting: Maui, Hawaii
Publisher: Littlemoon Press

Book Trailer
Doctor, Doctor

Since when do millionaire doctors kidnap their housekeepers and hold them for ransom? They don't. Not really. But when Audrina's slacker brother steals a valuable painting from Dr. Dane Love's beachfront estate-a man they both work for-the good doctor "kidnaps" her and holds her for counter-ransom.

Audrina plays along with the sexy doctor's outrageous ruse. Until the painting is returned, she plans to enjoy her stay in his seaside villa. Surrounded by sea, surf and sun, things start getting toasty between herself and the hunky MD. Before too long, Audrina is losing the battle with temptation.

Now her heart's about to get stolen, too, because the good doctor is turning out to be one very bad boy. This is a hot, humorous story about family, loyalty, karaoke night and a cross-dressing cousin.

Book Details:
Series: Island Moonlight Collection
Genre: Sensual Contemporary
Setting: Oahu, Hawaii
Publisher: Littlemoon Press
All Hands Below

*NEW* in Audible ~

It's the most wonderful time of the year when merry widow Evangeline Spencer signs up for a singles cruise to the Caribbean, but she quickly runs into a snag. The one bachelor on board who's caught her eye is determined to stay a bachelor!

Liam Rossi runs a tight ship. And while he'd love to give Evie a no-strings affair, the one thing stopping him is everything he stands to lose. He's landed a major promotion and needs more complications like he needs a hole in his head. Getting involved with a woman like Evie - and her peculiar trail of dead husbands - can only stand in the way of his ambition.

For charity executive, Evangeline Spencer, it's all or nothing. She's been alone long enough, and this cruise is her ticket to romance and adventure, but with a useless Secret Santa watching her back and Liam's ex-girlfriend after him, too, it's going to take a holiday miracle - or disaster - to convince them that they're meant to be together.

Friendly reminder: This is a humorous erotic romance with detailed love scenes, lots of kink and sexy talk. NSFW

Book Details:
Genre: Erotic Romance
Setting: Caribbean, Cruise Ship
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Mistress at Midnight

Real love based on true lies.

Michaelis Stefanidis A notoriously sexy hotel magnate's bachelor days are numbered when a stranger dumps a baby and a boatload of complications at his feet.

Viviana Shaw She's bitter, she's broken and she talks to dead people. The island bartender blames her nephew's father for the tragic death of her twin sister. Now that she's tracked him down, the only thing she wants from the man is what's in his pants -- money. There's just one problem; she doesn't bank on the hot executive having terms of his own that he wants satisfied...

Sooner than later, she's wearing his ring. It's only a matter of time before she winds up in his bed.

Micah knows he's playing a dangerous game, and while Vivi's got him all wrong, having her in his bed feels so right. But secrets don't stay silent and when the truth surrounding her sister is revealed, it will mean the end of the wild-hot love affair he's having with his affair that's only just begun.

Note: Contains high levels of hot and sexy and a mild paranormal element.

Book Details:
Series: Island Moonlight Collection
Genre: Sensual Contemporary
Setting: Big Island of Hawaii and Greece
Publisher: Littlemoon Press
Tangled Up In You

Wanted: Seasonal workers needed at a vineyard in Texas Hill Country.

Getting hauled out of a ditch in the middle of a rainstorm wasn’t how Jadelyn Park hoped to meet her new boss. Turns out, winemaker and former Army Ranger, Reid Mackey, can’t be any more surly and rude if she paid him! When she decides to look elsewhere for a job, he takes a risk. He hires her to work at his vineyard even though his gut instincts warn him that having this mysterious ex-con around may be asking for trouble. What’s no secret is the attraction that sizzles like hellfire between them.

Her ties to the man who destroyed Reid’s family keep him from trusting her, yet he won’t rule out seduction. She’ll guard her past, he’ll guard his heart and feelings aren’t allowed to get in the way of their dirty-sweet hook-ups.

Against his will, the enigmatic Jadelyn stirs emotions he thought had been sucked dry and left for dead by the last woman he loved. But when a dangerous man from Jadelyn’s past tracks her to the vineyard, Reid stands to lose more than his heart.

He’s falling for a felon. And loving her might be the death of him…

Book Details:
Availability: Paperback and eBook
Genre: Romance
Setting: Texas
Publisher: Littlemoon Press
Hotter Than Desire

Hotter than Desire ~ by Lelani Black

Jacinta Carr's business is going belly-up, and her moonlighting job is about to cost her the man of her dreams. Hawaii's former Most Eligible Bachelor will be back on the market, too, once he finds out about the state of her finances, and that when the sun goes down her clothes come off, for strangers.

It's going to be a marriage deal-breaker.

Harrison Allandt has made a big mistake. He proposed too fast, too soon to a woman hiding one too many secrets. He'd had his clock cleaned by a gold-digger once. No way in hell is he falling for another con! But when a confrontation between them explodes into a wedding deal-changer, Harry gets a taste of the fire Jacey keeps under wraps. Now he wants more.

As Jacey's choices catch up to her, what's left of her broken engagement is one night with Harry. Since one night is all she has to remember him by, she'll make it a night he'll never forget - and discover a secret of his own that may be a game-changer.

Book Details:
Genre: Erotic Romance
Setting: Hawaii
Publisher: Littlemoon Press
Erotic Fantasies Anthology

Private Lessons ~ by Lelani Black

Why is Nerissa so naughty when Cornelius come to town?

When tattoo'd, blue-eyed, dread-locked toy boy Cornelius flies to the Hawaiian island of Kauai to house sit, he winds up schooling an unexpected house guest on the tools of his trade... *Story includes explicit themes, vivid scenes, hot language that brims with sexuality and the shameless fondling of love toys. Play at
your own risk!

Book Details:
Genre: Erotic Romance

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[10-6-2015] **ATTENTION**

*Update on copyright infringement issues against an individual(s) who attempted to sell a self-published book with unauthorized use of my name on the cover.

Amazon, Goodreads and Facebook have all honored my copyright and Intellectual property protections. They have blocked or removed this individual's page/book page, and/or my name associated with this item.

What's in a name? Our work and the time we spend branding our image and name in promo and marketing efforts build value. If someone is too lazy to do the work themselves, or don't wish to claim their own work in their own name, then they shouldn't be writing. They should find something they have the heart and passion for, and do that, instead.

Writing books, like any creative venture, can be a hard business. Writers invest time, money, love, sweat and tears into writing, studying and improving their craft. As writers/artists/creators, we have to accept failures, and successes. It's a tough road, and it's up to the author to get involved in groups, in person and online, to cultivate friendships, readerships, connections, platforms.

Building a brand, followers, and friendships take time, effort and a pesky thing called work, and another actual thing called caring, and giving a damn. These things cannot be faked, or imitated, by stealing someone else's identity, image, or brand.

A heartfelt shoutout, smooch and a big thank you, mahalo, gracias and miraming salamat to all who support the community and network of readers and writers by not knowingly buying stolen property.


Lelani Black


[07-26-2015] **ATTENTION**

Dear Reader, I hope you have enjoyed browsing my site and my books! Please be aware there is another "writer" who has infringed on my copyrighted material by using my name as the author of a short story, a 16 page e-book, and by copying elements of my book covers to mislead readers into thinking they are buying a book written by me. This is FRAUD. This person is NOT authorized to use the name Lelani Black as the author on his/her title. It is copyright infringement and violates my rights as the owner and creator of a name and a brand that was established back in 2010 with the publication of my first book, Boss With Benefits.

When someone steals an author's copyright-protected name and slaps it on a copycat cover, there is intent to mislead and defraud. Chances are the story itself is stolen, too.

My e-books/audiobook and paperbacks can be found at a variety of retail outlets, and be assured if that title is on this website, it is current. It is legitimate, and was written with passion - and heart - by me, the real Lelani Black.

Thanks again for your support while I work to resolve this.

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